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March 2018 The Witching Season is on Amazon Prime

The Witching Season is now on Amazon Prime! Go watch it now RIGHT HERE.

February 2018 Randin scores an eMotimo Dana Dolly spot

Check out this spot for the amazing eMotimo robotic camera dolly in THIS AMAZING PROMO SPOT scored by Randin.

January 2018 Randin scoring The Paper Boat

Randin is commencing work on the SinAmor/Los Angeles Barea drama feature The Paper Boat.

November 2017 Crowdfunding They Live Inside Us

Randin's regular collaborators from Witching Season Films are crowdfunding a feature version of their incredible short They Live Inside Us. SUPPORT IT IF YOU CAN!

November 2016 Randin scores They Live Inside Us

Gearing up for Halloween, Randin scored the fourth episode of the horror anthology series The Witching Season. Check out the AMAZING film HERE.

October 2016 Randin scores Verve

Randin's currently working on Verve, an indie comedy/drama feature from Barnard's Castle, County Durham, England. Visit the film on Facebook HERE. Check out some fun jazzy music from the film HERE.

February 2016 Randin scores 3000 Cups of Tea

Randin scored the documentary film 3000 Cups of Tea about the rise and fall of Greg Mortenson of the Central Asia Institute.

January 2016 Randin Scores White Wings

Randin completed the score to the short film directed by Richard Hatch. Yeah, Apollo.

December 2015 Randin Releases his 6th annual Compilation Album

Keeping up with tradition, Randin has put out a free compilation album to celebrate a successful year and toast to the next one. It contains one or two cues from every film Randin scored in 2015. Enjoy! CLICK HERE

June 2015 Randin Scoring Model Citizens

Sara Kelly's documentary dives into the world of model railroad enthusiasts to respectfully ask, who are these people and why do they do what they do? Randin's score is nearing completion. Listen to the opening of the film HERE.

May 2015 Randin Scores The Rezvani Beast

Check out THIS HOT VIDEO Randin scored for the Rezvani Beast supercar.

March 2015 Stop Pepper Palmer Released!

The comedy feature Stop Pepper Palmer, featuring the only 3 black guys in Utah, is now available at Redbox and all the major online retailers. Check it out!

October 2014 Randin wins at The Demon Chaser

Randin's "Deliverance meets the Shining" score for Ruby picked up the Best Score award at the 2014 Demon Chaser Film Challenge. LISTEN

August 2014 In Between Songs Released

This documentary about an Australian Aboriginal family Randin is close to and which features some of Randin's didgeridoo playing has just been released. It's for sale HERE and on HULU HERE.

May 2014 In Concert With Salty Cricket

Randin's minimalist composition/improvisation game "In D" premiered in concert with the Rosco String Quartet and Randin on didgeridoo and electric guitar on May 8th in Salt Lake City, Utah.

April 2014 Dark Cinematic Covers Project Launches

Centerstar Marketing has engaged Randin to start a library of dark, cinematic cover tunes available for licensing for film, trailers, TV and other media. Check out the first, Don't Fear the Reaper on YOUTUBE and iTUNES, and the second, Wheel in the Sky on YOUTUBE and iTUNES.

March 2014 The Firebird Tutu on KUER

Utah NPR station KUER featured Brent Rowland's The Firebird Tutu with Randin's music on its Video West website. Check it out HERE.

March 2014 Secrets of the West score

Randin completed the score to the gorgeous 4k film 'Secrets of the West.' Check out the traditionalist, sweeping western score HERE.

November 2013 Saturnalia hits the Film Fest circuit

Congratulations to the feature Saturnalia for picking up awards at all of its first six films festivals. Best Actress, Woods Hole Film Festival. Best Feature, Kingston NY Film Festival. Best Actress & Best Cinematography, Chain NYC Film Festival. Special Jury Feature Award, Columbia Gorge International Film Festival. Best Narrative Feature, Cincinatti Film Festival. Best Feature, Crown Heights Film Festival.

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