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The Book Mule excerpts & end titles

film ©2010 U-Turn Productions & The 48 Hour Film Project
music ©2010 by Randin Graves, composer

This 7-minute film was created from start to finish on June 4-6, 2010, as part of the Houston, Texas 48 Hour Film Project. The team is given a genre and required character, (the uunemployed Sharon or Sherman Brown) prop (a book) and line of dialogue ("There's a two dollar service charge") on Friday at 7:30PM, and must turn in the finished film by Sunday at 7:301PM. Regular collaborator Ubaid Seth asked me to join his team long distance. I received the script mid-day Saturday, started thinking of musical ideas and set up the template of instruments I would use, then started scoring to picture once I received it around noon on Sunday, to deliver the whole score by 4:30 so it could be edited into the film. It was fun and I'm very happy with the result, considering the rush!