Children of the Stars trailer

film ©2012 Billingsgate Media, Bill Perrine, director
music ©2012 by Randin Graves, composer

Unarius is a fascinating UFO/Reincarnation/Self-help cult from my hometown of San Diego, CA, whom I'd been aware of from their cable access programs and the UFO-adorned cadillac they drove around town. It was a pleasant surprise to be contaced by director Bill Perrine about scoring his great documentary about them. It's funny and endearing, and just one of those stories you couldn't make up.

As heard in the trailer, the score is mostly new-agey synth fitting with the Unarians' own tastes (heard in their own movies featured in the doc) but I also got to venture out into different territory through the film's story. There's 1930's operetta, country-rock, folk, and Dragnet, Star Trek and Star Wars spoofs along the way. I can't wait for you all to see it!