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Confessor Opening Scene

film ©2010 U-Turn Productions & The National Film Challenge
music ©2010 by Randin Graves, composer

This 5-minute film was created from start to finish on October 22-25, 2010, as part of the National Film Challenge. The team is given a genre and required character, prop and line of dialogue on Friday evening, and must turn in the finished film by Monday evening. Regular collaborator Ubaid Seth asked me to join his team long distance. I received the script mid-day Sunday, started thinking of musical ideas and set up the template of instruments I would use, then started scoring to picture once I received it Monday morning, and had just a few hours to produce the score so it could be edited into the film. It was fun and I'm very happy with the result, considering the rush!

Ubaid asked for hints of the Twilight Zone for this quirky sci-fi comedy, which can be heard more later in the film, but is present here in the subtle electric guitar with a classic tone.