Eggsistential Issues entire film

film ©2010 Thomas McMinn, director & the 48 Hour Film Project
music ©2010 by Randin Graves, composer

Best Score, 48 Hour Film Project, Salt Lake City 2010
Gold Medal for Excellence in Music for a Short Film, Park City Film Music Festival 2011

This odd and excellent little film was created as part of the 2010 Salt Lake City 48 Hour Film Project. I was on a fantastic team that was incredibly organized and productive, which makes me as composer look good. Friday at 7pm, my team had their assignment - a silent film with an egg, the character of Ed or Edna Keegan, reporter, and the line, "That's what I'm here for." By 10PM there was a script that I discussed with the writer and director to identify the music needed. I went home, spent a few hours listening to authentic silent film music and setting up the necessary template. I checked in with the team at 10AM, after a full night of filming was complete, for updates, then played with musical ideas so I knew what I was doing before the final cut was finished. By 10PM Saturday, I was in my studio scoring to picture. After a bit of sleep from 5AM to 10AM, I was back at it and finished by 3PM.

It was great fun, and a great challenge for me, doing a musical style I had never attempted, as well as mixing different styles of music and types of production value for this genre-bending and mind-bending film. It feels great to have my work recognized with the best score award. Congratulations also go to Best Actor winner Danny James and thanks to everyone on team McReady!