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Leo Las Vegas - Leaving Las Vegas, On the Strip & more

film ©2010 PixelVision Productions - Wolfgang Muchow, director/producer
music ©2010 by Randin Graves, composer

This film featuring John Fiore from 'The Sopranos' and 'Brotherhood' was Wolfgang Muchow's NYU thesis film, finished in 2010 and heading for the festival circuit. It has already been an official selection at the CineVegas Film Festival and John Fiore took the best actor award at NYU's First Run Film Festival. Wolfgang and I bonded over a shared love of U2 going way back to the old days, and this music shows some of that influence in its ambient and rock styles. I took a bit to figure out how technically to reflect Wolfgang's instruction for the music to "live in the grays" and in the end it was a process of building up the music, then figuring out what to remove and what to blur with reverb and eq.