Love Sick - entire film

film ©2011 Kevin Mark Lacy, writer-director
music ©2011 by Randin Graves, composer

Winner, Utah Arts Festival Utah Short Film of the Year
Winner, USU Fringe Festival Top Jury Prize
Winner, Salt Lake City Weekly Artys 2011, Best Short Film
Winner, Best Utah Produced Short Film, Mainstreet Movie Company Oscar Bash 2012

This is my third short with Kevin Lacy, and they keep getting better and better. I was shocked when he came to me with this great short comedy after two longer dramas, and was very happy to work on this - I always wanted the excuse to do the kind of music that opens this short. It was also fun to on a tight deadline put together the tight timings and variety of musical genres required for this film. Definitely what the fun of film scoring is all about. Love Sick picked up the $2000 top prize at the 2011 USU Fringe Film Festival and - this just in - 'Utah Short Film of the Year' at the Utah Arts Festival.