Reue Trailer

©2011 Ridgeline Creative, James Cawley, director
music ©2011 Randin Graves

2nd Place, Who Likes Short Shorts? Film Festival, Spring 2011

This is my first collaboration with the promising young director James Cawley and Ridgeline Creative. I was expecting to do a more classic World War II film score a la Band of Brothers or Saving Private Ryan but was pleasantly surprised with the request for a more contemporary score that you wouldn't expect in a period film. The final score is primarily epic orchestra with electronics, ebowed fretless electric guitar, and low-tuned electric guitar. This trailer uses excerpts from the score and the End Titles. I hope Reue takes the festival circuit by storm and ends up developed into a full feature because this team has mad skills and there's a clever back story untold in this short film.