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Two Brothers at Galarra Closing Scene

©2008 Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Incorporated - Malalakpuy & Banul Munyarryun, directors
music by Randin Graves & Malalakpuy Munyarryun

Director's Choice Gold Medal for Excellence in Performance/Experimental Films
2010 Park City Film Music Festival

The scene has sung poetic narration in the Wangurri Australian Aboriginal language by Malalakpuy Munyarryun. After the first two lines, it becomes a repetition of three notes - essentially "Three Blind Mice." My challenge was to accompany this with a somber mood, which I did by switching to the relative minor and taking over the original melody in strings. Listen as it develops and accompanies the spoken narration at the end. In addition to composing music to go with the sung narration, I produced & edited this short film. It and several other Aboriginal films are available on DVD from The Mulka Project.