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August 2013 interviews Randin posted an interview with Randin about his work and composer technology and business issues. Check it out HERE.

July 2013 Rockin' Reverend Goes Online

Rockin' Reverend, with Randin's rockin' score, is now available from Amazon and iTunes.

July 2013 Randin scores Everything's Gonna Be Pink

Randin is wrapping up the score to the great drama feature Everything's Gonna Be Pink, in post-production in New York City and Copenhagen, Denmark. Listen to AN EMOTIONAL CUE and SOMETHING DARKER.

January 2013 Randin wins with The Wretching

Randin picked up his first award of the year for his first score of the year, for the short film The Wretching at the Art Institute of Salt Lake City's short film contest at Sundance. LISTEN

November 2012 Award Nomination at Salty Horror

Randin's Temple-of-Doomy score for Steve from Accounting vs. the Shadow Dwellers was nominated for Best Score at the Salty Horror International Film Festival. Listen to excerpts HERE!

October 2012 New OST Releases

Randin's scores for Jake's Dead, Saturnalia, Shades of Treason and All Roads Lead to Occidental are now available from several online retailers. Find links in OUR STORE.

October 2012 Randin scores All Roads Leads to Occidental

Randin has completed the score for Graham Lee's modern day noir feature All Roads Lead to Occidental, currently in post-production in San Francisco, California.

August 2012 Randin wins at AOF

Randin's score for the film Jake's Dead has won Best Feature Soundtrack at the 2012 Action on Film International Film Festival in Los Angeles.

July 2012 Randin scores The Wizard of Fos

Randin has completed the score for The Wizard of Fos, a documentary on Jim Fosgate, electronics genius & music lover, inventor of the modern car stereo, the home theater and Dolby Prologic II. It's a fascinating and moving story of a man who absolutely changed the ways all of us listen to music, but who didn't have financial success to show for it for most of his life.

June 2012 Randin wins at Arab Film Studio Competition in the UAE

Mariam Khanji's film It Didn't Have to be Like This won Best Music at this contest with only five handpicked entrants from nation-wide in the United Arab Emirates. Congratulations to Mariam! Let's work together again soon!

June 2012 Randin Scores Rockin' Reverend

Randin has completed work on the score for Scot Michael Walker's comedy feature film Rockin' Reverend. It's just your average mix of church organs, heavy metal, and choral fire and brimstone.

May 2012 Randin's music in ads for Amazon

Original and licensed music by Randin is featured in a new series of Amazon webstore Seller Stories videos. See the first one HERE and the second HERE.

February 2012 Randin scores Children of the Stars

Randin has completed a very fun score of dreamy electronica, sci-fi spoof, 1930s operetta and other odds & ends for the Billingsgate Meda documentary feature about the Unarius UFO/reincarnation cult in San Diego, California. The film is complete and bound for the festival circuit. TRAILER

January 2012 Free Album Donwload!

Randin has put up his 2nd annual free compilation album for you all to enjoy. Click HERE!

December 2011 Randin in concert in Salt Lake City

On December 14, Randin's chamber work 'Big Brother' was performed by an ensemble including members of the Utah Symphony at the Salty Cricket Composers Collective's A Plethora of Pierrot. More info HERE.

November 2011 Randin at Salty Horror

On November 6th at 4:30pm, Randin spoke on the panel "Creating the Perfect Horror Score" at the Salty Horror International Film Festival, held at the Park City Public Library's screening room.

October 2011 Randin's Music used by NASA

This is old news, but we've just learned that Randin's orchestral piece 'Illumination' was used by NASA in a video about the final space shuttle mission. The piece plays between about 0:50 and 4:40 in the video HERE.

October 2011 Randin scores Shades of Treason

Randin has completed work on Ozone Productions' surrealist and potentially controversial feature film about "The American Taliban" John Walker Lindh. It is in the final stages of post-production in Salt Lake City and will hit the festival circuit in the coming year.

August 2011 Randin at The HollyShorts film festival in Los Angeles

Hollyshorts, in Hollywood in August, included three films Randin worked on - rom-com Love Sick, cannibal comedy A Taste of Love and zombie comedy My Undeadly.

July 2011 Randin At The Action on Film International Film Festival in Pasadena

Cannibal love story A Taste of Love WON Best Song and three other films Randin scored screened at AOF - silent film Eggsistential Issues, rom-com Love Sick, WWII drama Reue. A Taste of Love & the Pulp Boy theme were also nominated for Best Composition. AOF Website

June 2011 Randin Scores Saturnalia

Randin has completed the score for Gustavo Mercado's feature film Saturnalia, a thriller inspired by the true story of a homeless woman who lived undetected in a retired man's home. The film is currently in post-production in New York City. Check out more info HERE and the trailer HERE.

June 2011 Love Sick WINS Utah Short Film of the Year!

Congratulations to writer-director Kevin Lacy on the second big award for Love Sick, the Utah Arts Festival's Utah Short Film of the Year! Watch the film with its baroque-folk-postpunk-wedding music score HERE.

June 2011 Randin AT Who Likes Short Shorts?

Seven films scored by Randin screened at Short Shorts, yielding two winners out fo the four awards given - Audience Choice for Offing Adolph and 2nd Place overall to Reue. Congratulations to the filmmakers at Killship and Ridgeline Creative!

June 2011 Randin at The Foursite film festival

Three films Randin scored were official selections of the Foursite Film Festival in Ogden, Utah, June 9-11 2011 - WWII drama Reue, period drama Reco and minimalist relationship drama Conversations.

May 2011 Randin Completes Jake's Dead

Randin just completed the epic score to the horror feature/thriller from director Jack Graham, the story of two brothers coping with the loss of their father with the aid of a questionable narcotic. The film is currently in post-production in San Francisco, California.

May 2011 Randin At The Park City Film Music Festival

Three shorts Randin scored were recognized with Gold Medals at the festival - period drama Reco, silent film comedy Eggsistential Issues and drama Dismatta.

December 2010 Randin scores Reue

Randin just completed the score for director James Cawley & Ridgeline Creative's World War II drama Reue.

November 2010 Randin to score Saturnalia

Randin has signed on to score Gustavo Mercado's feature film Saturnalia, a thriller inspired by the true story of a homeless woman who lived undetected for nearly a year in a retired man's home. The film is currently in post-production in New York City. Check out more info and the trailer here.

November 2010 Randin at The Who Likes Short Shorts? film festival

Eleven films Randin scored were featured among the two screenings at this inaugural short shorts festival. Director Kevin Lacy was on hand to accept the first screening's Audience Choice Award for Numerica and Randin accepted the overall 3rd Prize on behalf of the OTTP/Project Impulse fim Deus Ex Machina.

November 2010 A Taste of Love Wins at The Salty Horror international film festival

Randin was on hand when the cannibal comedy A Taste of Love, featuring his wall to wall score of tango and a Marvin Gaye spoof, won Best Short Film (under $50k) at the horror festival's first year. The film also just won Best Film of the Year at the Salt Lake Film Society's Best of Open Screen Night. Congratulations to director Chase Weston and the whole SLIP team!

July 2010 Randin Wins at The action on film international film festival

Randin's "Grayham Overture" has WON Best Composition and two shorts he worked on - Sameena Likes Me & Two Brothers at Galarra - screened at AOF in Pasadena, California, 23-30 July 2010. aof website


June 2010 Best Score Winner 48 Hour Film Project SALT LAKE CITY UTAH

Randin's genre-bending work mixing authentic period and modern horror music for the silent film Eggsistential Issues won the Best Score award at the Salt Lake City 48 Hour Film Project. Congratulations also to Best Actor Danny James! Click the image to watch the film on youtube.

May 2010 Randin completes Leo Las vegas

Gritty roadhouse and ambient electronic rock accompanies the short film starring John Fiore from The Sopranos and Brotherhood, from director Wolfgang Muchow and PixelVision Productions.

May 2010 Randin scores at Park City Film Music Festival

Randin spoke on the composers panel and performed at the Egyptian Theater as part of the Park City Film Music Festival, where he also received awards for his work on Two Brothers at Galarra, Sameena Likes Me, Churhi and Flowers for Annabelle.

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